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Association of Biomedical Laboratory Professionals (Singapore)

Share Your Support for Biomedical Laboratory Professionals!

As we fight COVID-19 in Singapore, we at ABMLPS are asking you, our friends and supporters, to lend your support with a special message to our Biomedical Laboratory Professionals — individuals who are working tirelessly behind the scene day-and-night in the diagnostic, research and pharmaceutical laboratories across hospitals, research institutes and private laboratories in Singapore. These are the individuals who are responsible for providing accurate medical reports for proper care and treatment of sick patients, discovering new COVID-19 infection mechanisms and developing vaccines to find a cure for COVID-19. 

Read some of the messages from the ABMLPS online community on our Virtual Support Wall!

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I would want to thank all Biomedical laboratory professionals for their dedication and hard work during this unprecedented crisis. You are our heroes — the frontline protectors. I cannot express enough gratitude for the sacrifices you are making, putting yourselves at risk and time away from family & friends. It is through your compassion, resilience, and strength that we will get through this crisis. Stay strong! #SGunited

- Serene

We thank you for your bravery and for being the ones we can rely on when needed most.
#SGunited #ABMLPS

- Ian

Thank you so much for working tirelessly behind-the-scenes especially during this critical period! Kudos to the invisible superhero capes that you have donned and sacrifices you have made, indeed appreciative and grateful for such hard work! The fight against Covid-19 will be impossible without you. Take care, keep well and stay safe. With much love and gratitude #SGunited #ABMLPSLaboratoryDay #WorldLaboratoryDay2020

- Therese

Thanks for working tiredlessly to combat COVID-19. All of you are working behind the scene, yet contribute so much to the diagnosis. I feel pround that i was once a laboratory professional. Thanks so much !

- MH Tai

Thank you to all laboratory professionals! Your hard work in the lab is truly appreciated!

- JL Chew

In light of the World Laboratory Day 2020, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK all the Healthcare Warriors, that include you - the Biomedical Laboratory Professionals. You are not forgotten for your roles in the healthcare system, be it in developing COVID-19 detection kits, vaccines and conducting Covid-19 diagnosis. Stay strong and safe, press on! #ABMLPSLaboratoryDay #WorldLaboratoryDay2020


You all are truly heroes. Thank you for all that you are doing to help those who are sick and for setting an incredible example of bravery. #SGunited

- Denise

Thank you for your great work! Stay safe and stay healthy!

- Shirlena

Thank you so much for all the hard work done by our Laboratory Professionals! You guys play a very big part in the healthcare system and the recovery for the patients. Keep up the good work! Stay safe! #sgunited

- Sze Ming

Hang in there! Thanks so much for your hard work :) take care too!

- PY

During this extraordinary period in the fight against COVID-19, medical laboratory professionals are the unsung heroes working 24/7 to ensure laboratory tests are conducted accurately. Thank you for your sacrifices. #StaySafe. #OneMedLab, & #SGUnited

- Kim Tat

My deepest thanks to all of you for putting everyone's life before yours. Please know that your bravery is a true testament to your passion in what you do. Please stay safe and know that you are always in my prayers. \\^o^//

- Doreen

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